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Cool Links


Cuneiform Records : One of the largest progressive rock distributors in the USA!

Alonesoul Studio : Exclusive producer of official Rascal Reporters bootlegs.  They also offer CD Mastering starting at $49.

Alonesoul Productions : Exclusive producer of Rascal Reporter music videos as well as our web page masters.   They can do your Music Video or home page at prices starting at $49.

ZNR Records : One of our distributors.  They carry lots of 70s prog & fusion as well as stuff from the 80s & 90s bands.   ZNR stocks labels like Lasers Edge, Cuneiform, Kinesis, ZNR, Magna Carta, Cyclops, Belle Antique, Mellow, Musea, Kaliphonia, Record Runner, a.o.   They specialize in private releases and out-of-print discs.  ZNR carries CDs and rare & out-of-print vinyl LPs.  They take all four major credit cards and accept fax & e-mail orders, too.  

Fred Frith Home Page : Fred's home page.   The best page I have ever seen!